Drink This Before Going to Bed to Help Burn Belly Fat



If you had a wish, what would it be? Wealth without limits? World peace? Well, we can’t give you that, but what we can give you is pretty amazing too: the ability to lose weight while you sleep. It sounds like a dream and it is literally. All you have to do is drink the juice that we will describe every night before you touch the sheets.

Of course, to prolong and improve your weight loss, you need to exercise and take care of your general diet so that you cannot completely avoid the actual exertion. But this almost magical drink is full of healthy things that have been proven to boost metabolism and burn fat, especially stubborn ones. We’ll look at each ingredient individually and discuss how it works. Then we’ll be done with the recipe.



Drinking more water is the first place to start when you want to lose weight. Not only does it help you feel full with less food, studies show that water increases the amount of calories burned for at least a solid hour after consuming it.

A study involving overweight children found a 25% increase in resting energy expenditure (calories burned doing nothing) after drinking cold water. In a study of overweight women, increasing water consumption to more than 1 liter per day was found to result in an additional 4.4 pounds of weight loss over the course of a year.


Some people swear to drink lemon water to lose weight, but it’s not so much the drink that makes the difference. It’s about whether this drink replaces something high in sugar like soda, heavily sweetened coffee or juice or not. However, lemon is a mild natural diuretic, which means that it can reduce bloating.

Lemons, like all citrus fruits, also contain a lot of vitamin C, which helps burn fat at the cellular level. C is a necessary part of the process that transports and mobilizes fatty acids in cells in order to use them for energy.



Cucumbers are high in water and fiber, two things that are crucial for weight loss. They’re also very low in calories so they don’t add much to your daily total. A cup of cucumber has only 16 calories and is hardly worth counting. Studies show that eating foods that are high in water but low in calories on a regular basis is associated with significant weight loss.

Cucumbers are also believed to increase metabolism or the rate at which your body burns calories. Like lemon, it contains a good amount of vitamin C and serves as a natural diuretic.


Ginger is a tasty root that can control appetite by regulating blood sugar and serum cholesterol. Peaks and drops in these numbers often result in overeating or overeating on unhealthy foods. Ginger can also suppress cortisol, the mast stress hormone, and give you an energy boost. It is not enough to keep you awake, but you may find that ginger means that you are refreshed and ready to wake up.


Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera juice is a useful addition to this drink due to its laxative properties. Now it is not healthy to rely on a weight loss laxative, but in this case we use aloe vera juice to help you stay regular. Adding fiber to your diet is a smart move, but constipation can result if your body adapts. Everyone knows how uncomfortable and bloated it is.

Always buy aloe vera juice made from the whole leaf and not from the gel in the leaf. The gel is only filled with sugar and does not have the laxative effect you are looking for.

Parsley or Cilantro

Both related herbs (from the Apiaceae family) are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are linked to digestive support. They have been used in holistic medicine for years to relieve inflammation, indigestion, gases, cramps, flatulence, nausea and stress. In particular, coriander can stimulate blood circulation, improve the absorption of nutrients from the body and relieve constipation by making the intestines function properly.


Taking It (Further)

The drink that we describe with these ingredients must be taken at night so that it can work during sleep. Digestion and energy requirements tend to decrease during sleep. It is therefore particularly good to increase your metabolism during this time.

However, the body still uses energy during sleep. All automatic processes such as breathing, heartbeat and circulation continue. His brain is also quite busy organizing thoughts and memories of the day. So if you eat a little food, like this one in this drink, you will sleep better than if you go to bed on an empty stomach.

But to get even more out of this drink, try doing about 30 minutes of cardio after waking up. Your body will be prepared to burn fat and will increase this increased metabolism throughout the day.


The Recipe

Okay, ready to make this wonder drink?


  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 tablespoon of grated ginger
  • 1 tablespoon of aloe vera juice
  • A handful of cilantro or parsley
  • ½ glass of water

Preparation: Add all ingredients and stir until smooth.

This is a very simple recipe and we recommend that you play with the portions you want. Obviously, parsley tastes a lot milder than coriander, which some people say tastes like soap. If the taste of this drink is a problem for you in general, it’s okay to add a teaspoon of honey for a little more sweetness.

You may not be able to drink everything at once, and that’s fine. It can be safely stored in the fridge for the next morning or even the next night. After that, it is better to create a new batch.

Weight loss is never a complete supplement. Our body doesn’t really like burning fat because it sees it as an emergency reserve. This is an evolutionary remnant that doesn’t suit modern diets, but luckily we understand enough of the science behind weight loss to make it possible anyway.

In addition to drinking this weight loss drink, be sure to manage the rest of your diet so that you eat fewer calories than you burn. While this wonderful drink can help burn fat, it cannot surpass a poor diet of sugar and saturated fat. For your heart health and weight loss, try to do at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity every day.

Good luck to you on your weight loss journey. Get down!