Privacy Policy

Welcome You have reached a website provided By Ayo  Media, LLC (“Company” or “We”, “Our” or “We”). This “Privacy Policy” governs your use of and also applies to the use of all features, applications, content, downloads, websites and other services. Online that you post. A link to this Privacy Policy (collectively referred to as “Services” in this document), regardless of how you access or use the Services, whether you access the Services through personal computers, mobile devices, or others. This Privacy Policy does not apply to our data collection activities offline or outside our services (unless otherwise stated below).

The privacy of each individual user is important to us and we strive for transparency in all of our privacy practices, especially when it comes to identifying the information that we collect, use, share and disclose, and the way we do it help to protect your data. If we do not solicit or otherwise disclose your permission in this Privacy Policy, the Company will not sell your personal information for our own financial gain or share your personal information with third parties for direct marketing purposes without giving you the opportunity to make a decision. -in or unsubscribe from the stock market. We take our responsibility to take your information very seriously. Keep in mind that we are always here to answer your questions, and we look forward to supporting you over the next few years. To the extent that we inform you in our Services of other or additional privacy policies or practices (for example, at the time of our survey), these additional terms will govern the collection and use of data.

Also read the terms of service that govern your use of the Services. By using our services, you accept our privacy policy and terms of service, as well as our collection, use and exchange of your information and data, and other activities as described below. First, we can collect names, e-mail addresses, home addresses, telephone numbers, and other information used to personally identify you. This type of data is often referred to as PII (personally identifiable information) and is usually collected when you send us information about some form of service. We collect your personal information only when you use certain services. For example, if you subscribe to a newsletter, join our Brand Ambassador Program, or send us a customer service form, we can pick up your name, address, phone number, email address, or other PII.

The other type of information we collect is of a more general nature, informing us about your online habits and preferences, such as when you visit our services. These collection processes can also be used to provide a more entertaining and attractive experience. This type of information does not tell us who exactly it is, but it can tell us things like the pages you saw, how much time you spent in our services, what links you clicked on as soon as you see them. Content and where it is. This type of information is sometimes referred to as unidentifiable information (PII) (information that is not personally identifiable). The type of non – personal information we may collect from you includes information about what you see in our services when you visit our services, what ads you respond to, what types of devices you use (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc .), Your IP address, the links that come from other websites, and the content to which they are connected. This type of information is sometimes aggregated into aggregated data. This helps us to summarize and analyze the experiences of our customers. We also allow this type of information to be collected by the ad networks. An ad network is a company that connects advertisers to websites to host ads. We also use analytics providers like Google Analytics who can capture this kind of information. Aggregated data like this does not identify you individually and can not be used to identify a specific person.