Thor Ragnarok Almost Destroyed Valhalla Not Asgard

Director Taika Waititi revealed that Thor: Ragnarok was almost completely different, almost destroying Valhalla, not Asgard. In other designs, Thor successfully saved the day, but Marvel felt she had the promise of Ragnarok to fulfill the Twilight of the Gods.

Thor: Ragnarok relaunched essentially Thor’s entire franchise, and he did knock everything that had been previously built. The old supporting actors were rejected without hesitation, in the case of Jane Foster, a disposable line on a mutual separation. Thor lost his hammer, and one eye. And most dramatic of all, the movie came to an end with the destruction of Asgard.

On the occasion of the Empire Film Podcast (via Networked Media), Waititi showed that the movie took almost a completely different direction. “There are versions of the story from the beginning where we were not even in Asgard,” he said, “spending a lot of time in Valhalla. In fact, we went to Valahalla and we had this great battle, but this idea only lasted “. A few weeks ago. ”

In Norse mythology, Valhalla is the Hall of the Dead, the place where the souls of the brave warriors go for peace. Traditionally associated with Valkyries, whose function is the battle and lead the souls of the fallen to Valhalla Tour. Marvel Comics have traditionally attempted to travel with Valleys as a “dimension of the afterlife” to Valhalla, traveling between the realms of the dead and the living. It is surprising to hear that Marvel played with the introduction of Valhalla in the MCU, and in this version seems safe to assume that there Valkyrie many more warriors. It can also be potential for some amazing cameos; After all, every soul killed in battle might have been transported to Valhall.

Ultimately, however, Marvel decided to abandon this idea and made the right decision. Waititi as implied in the podcast, the reality is that the title of the movie “Ragnarok” is promising. Ragnarok is the Twilight of the Gods, with the destruction of Asgard and the beginning of a new cycle for the Norse gods. Thematically it would have been very strange to put Thor: Ragnarok Valhalla, not in Asgard.

As Waititi mentioned, his vision of Asgard was different from anything seen in the MCU so far. Asgard looked through a colonial lens, and suggested that “the whole kingdom, the whole world was built on the spoils of other battles.” The golden exterior of the Asgard hid the darkness of its past; This was symbolized carefully when Hela artworks asgardianas knocked open a picture of his conquest under him. This revelation turns the case of Asgard into an opportunity to appease the past, to begin a new cycle that does not imply conquest and barbarism.

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