Robert Kirkman Praises Infinity War for NOT Being a Movie

Walking Dead’s co-designer Robert Kirkman praised Avengers: Infinity War for prioritizing his main action rather than exaggerating the conspiracy. Since the premiere of The Avengers in 2012, Marvel fans had been waiting for years for an epic showdown with Thanos through a dozen feature films. Infinity War fulfilled the promise, and finally the wait ended, recovering immediately after the events of Thor: Ragnarok and charging at full speed.

Comics and graphic novels in film and television have long shaped Kirkman. The Walking Dead, which opens its ninth season next month, has gained international recognition for its exciting contribution to the zombie genre on screen. And now his comic creation Invincible, which follows a duo of extraterrestrial father-son superheroes, is being adapted by Amazon Studios. The incorporation of Kirkman as a creative force is a great opportunity for the production company, which has already achieved considerable success with original series such as The Man In The High Castle and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Kirkman spoke with Smodcast about how Infinity War experienced its unparalleled box office by subverting the standard structure of the three-act movie in favor of a continuous roller coaster effect: There is no summary, there is no explanation of who somebody is, you are in the movie and they guess what you have, you deserve it, we are in movie 21 now and here we are. go and you are like ‘good god! That’s great! ‘

He explained that his appreciation for the film grew after several presentations, including one with his daughter. Infinity War configures Avengers 4 by deleting some of the most beloved heroes of existence. While the adult viewer familiar with the story knows there is an expected solution in the sequel, the emotional impact Kirkman saw on his daughter’s disturbing demise confirmed the power of the characters and stories of the MCU. In many ways a triumph.

Marvel undoubtedly leaves movie fans hungry for more. It remains to be seen if they will continue in different structural directions or not. Captain Marvel will be the latest in a long line of introductory films. However, the official trailer does not provide a preview of a traditional lineage, as Carol Danvers does not seem to remember her past life on Earth or why she returned to her. The Avengers 4 is likely to have an audience looking for a happy ending, as the production of Spider-Man: Far from Home at least marks the return of Peter Parker. But after such a long time, the hopes for more surprises, laughter and miracles are great.

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