Kevin Smith Slams Trolls Who Think Marvel Pays Him for Good Press

Kevin Smith made it clear that no one paid him for one of his opinions after some fans had accused him of being in Marvel’s pocket. Called one of the figureheads of the booming community of comic book fanatics, Smith has expressed his views on his views, particularly on MCU and DCEU.

The comic films that dominate Hollywood, fans are regularly supplied with superhero films from several studios, mainly from Marvel or DC. The current talk of the city is Captain Marvel with Brie Larson after having his first trailer trailer last week. As usual, people from the geek community shared their own feelings about the teaser and encouraged them to talk. However, Smith did not have a great time on the internet after some accusing him of receiving money from Marvel to praise the trailer.

In the final episode of his podcast, Fatman Beyond, Smith went into the subject and flatly denied that Marvel had paid him for a good press. At the same time, he also called the Internet trolls, who continued to subscribe to the idea after receiving a message in social networks, where he was accused of having reviewed the Captain Marvel supporter of such behavior.

“All I’m going to say, I thought it would not be necessary to say it, I thought I would never have to say that, but today I saw a tweet for retiring Captain Marvel’s damned trailer and talking about it, like me Every nickel I have, Marvel, and there were a few people like most people, ‘you’re damn good!’ said King Kev very well, take us to the Promised Land, you know but on the same page, but there was a very small percentage of about five tweets that looked like “how much are you paying to shit this, man?” “Are you sending for Marvel?” that you say you’re crazy if you think Marvel has to pay someone to say something good about him or encourage people to watch movies that primarily sell to an audience “.

“I just deny it, I’ll be honest, nobody will pay me to say nice things, if they do, I’ll let you know.” I just wanna talk about it “I like to talk about the damn trailer I dug in. I was like ‘Oh shit, Fuck, AI can not wait!’ And I think some people think if they do not respond I’m excited, I swear, I do not get any money, they do not do it, I have to pay That’s the beauty of a damned fanatic Long ago, they discovered how they did that They’ll do all the work for us, just a bit more profile and vocal than the average fighting bear, but no, nobody gave me a dime to tell me nice things or say anything that I say ”

The sad truth is that Smith is not the only one accused of accepting bribes from Disney and Marvel. Take a look at any social networking platform, and it’s hard to see anything that’s not similar to the news Smith has received. What people forget is that ten years have passed since the introduction of the MCU. During these years, the franchise has experienced its ups and downs. It’s just that they’ve already realized what their target audience wants at this point. It’s true that the MCU is not a cup of tea for everyone, and that’s fine, but it’s completely wrong for anyone embarrassed to be open about what he publishes in his film universe.

Despite this controversy, Smith remains a big part of the world of superheroes on the silver screen. Not only was he a fan, but he also participated in several projects and directed episodes of Supergirl and The Flash. He even organized the premiere of DC Daily, the daily news program for DC Universe. If so, the allegations that Smith is biased toward Marvel Studios are even less credible, as if it were something. One might think that his preference was for the company, which gave him so many jobs.

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