Fan Art Recasts Marvel Legend Stan Lee as the MCU’s Odin

Recently released fan art has come to mind what it would be like to have legendary Marvel author Stan Lee selected to play Odin’s role in Thor. There is no doubt: The performance of Anthony Hopkins as Odin in Thor’s films was one of the most memorable parts of the trilogy, even until the death of the character in Thor: Ragnarok. Hopkins’ chemistry with everyone else on screen brought the films (especially Thor: The Dark World, which many fans consider to be one of the weakest entries in the MCU) into the air, even if his character was not very prominent.

Anyway, fanbots, even made with a lot of fun, have always been a favorite pastime, right up to names like Jessica Chastain as Pepper Pots and many others. Casting seems to be right in most movie studios, especially Marvel. Fans who imagine a different world, in which one or the other actor in a comic role is capitalized, are a trend that is unlikely to slow down soon. This trend continues with a fanatic who envisioned how Lee himself would be Odin.

A new fan edition created by the Reddit mandal0re user has changed the role of Thor and Loki’s father Odin to none other than the legendary Marvel author (as well as the creator or co-creator of many famous personalities). by Marvel) Stan Lee. The picture shows Lee with full beard and long hair, like Hopkins and his comic counterpart, as well as the Gungnir spear. Look at the picture below:

If you look at the picture, you can easily imagine an alternate reality in which Lee was chosen to play Odin instead of Hopkins. It would have been appropriate for Lee to have a role as a father figure, as he is legendarily considered the “father” of several extremely popular Marvel characters.

However, it is clear that the intention to speak with the picture was just a bit of fun and imagined what Lee would look like as Odin’s decent character. Realistically, aside from his many cameos in MCU films, Lee never really seems to be an actor. Along with the fact that the role would have taken much of Lee’s time and the former Marvel writer was over 80 when Thor’s films began, and this does not seem to be a sustainable idea. Either way, fans can still get a sense of another world where Lee was the MCU Odin.

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