Metdental & Metdental 2019

I’m the first to wake up in my dorm, so I went down to have breakfast before taking a shower.

Once I’m done for the day, I bike for a 15-minute bike ride to the University of Cardiff (Llandaff Campus) along the Taff River. When I arrive at the university around 9:00 am, I take my toolbox out of the locker and put on my lab coat to prepare for a busy day of practical work.

Our lectures take place in the labs, which is useful because I am already in the field. metdental pretty busy, as we are scheduled four days a week.

At 10:30, we take a half-hour break, where my friends and I spent at Starbucks to take our dose of caffeine! Since the beginning of the first year, I have spent my breaks with Starbucks in the UB. The atmosphere is very relaxed and the barista Josie is always friendly. Being regular also means she knows my order of memory!

I go back to metdental 2019 other two hours of practice and theory before I go home at 1:00 am or go to lunch for a whole day.

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